Get Found - Co-op Group 5

GET FOUND (Co-op) by Coffee Shake


Upon submitting the 5 Member Names, you will be each called individually to coordinate payment via cash, check or charge. You will each be required to agree to the terms and conditions below.


A 3% Credit Card convenience fee is added to each $99.00. If you would like to pay by check or cash, please see Coffee Shake Co-Founder, Cynthia Bryant directly or call 714-240-7033. Thank you for your interest.

An Internet Marketing Package EXCLUSIVELY for Coffee Shake Members


General Terms & Conditions: Upon payment checkout, you agree to the following basic terms: All purchases are non-refundable.

Features of the landing pages are limited to examples shown and noted on the advertisement.

BONUS SIDEBAR: Bonus features located on the sidebar of the Member Profile Landing Page such as monetization, blog links, articles are implemented at the discretion of Coffee Shake and all details of how each bonus items works will be provided at a later time.

CONTENT: All Content (text, videos, images, links) must be provided to Coffee Shake in order to create a fully loaded landing page aka Member Profile Page. All landing pages may be launched live on the coffeeshake.net website as early as 1-2 days from the date of purchase with or without client provided content. A Member Profile Landing Page without client content will include basic information, images and section titles along with "content coming soon" notation, at the discretion of Coffee Shake. All Content can be sent via email to hello@coffeeshake.net. All content will be approved at the discretion of Coffee Shake. No elicit or inapproriate content will be posted or  linked on the Coffee Shake website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags, header tags and other SEO rich elements are created and incorporated at the discretion of Coffee Shake. Coffee Shake makes no gaurantees that your content via your Coffee Shake Member Profile Landing Page, will be found online or display in search engine results, however all Member Profile Landing Pages come with a unique Google Analytic tracking number to track visitors and Coffee Shake will be utilizing third party SEO professionals (ie: Campaign Agents) who have had successful results in implementing organic SEO practices on other websites.

REMOVAL/ RE-LAUNCH: You may request to have your page removed by sending your request to hello@coffeeshake.net and it shall be removed within 1- 5 business days. To re-launch your page will cost $35 unless otherwised noted.

CHANGES: After live launch with a fully loaded live page, adds, moves, changes or deletions of any page elements or content are subject to a change fee and quoted at the time of change request. Prices can range from $15 to $50 depending on amount of changes. 

MONTHLY POSTS ON COFFEE SHAKE SOCIAL SITES: Client may provide a specific created post to be posted via hello@coffeeshake.net, otherwise a generic link with company name and welcome message will be posted at the discretion of Coffee Shake. Unless requested by the client for different link direction, the URL Page link redirecting to the Member Profile Landing Page will be used in all posts. Coffee Shake may post a general disclaimer from time to time, stating that [COFFEE SHAKE DOES NOT SPECIFIC ENDORSE THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OF THE MEMBER PROFILE PAGE POSTED HEREIN]

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